Ms Nomsa Innocencia Tarabella Marchesi

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Nomsa Innocencia Tarabella Marchesi

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Basic Education Committee Reports
    26 Feb 2019

    The Committee considered and adopted the Third Quarterly Report on the Performance of the Department of Basic Education and the 19th National Teaching Awards Report.

    The Committee also discussed its Legacy Report before adopting it. Some Members expressed displeasure that the Committee had not passed any legislation during its tenure ...

  • Basic Education Committee Report on Department's Quarter 1 & 2 performance; High Level Panel & Committee Annual Reports
    4 Dec 2018

    The Committee met to consider and adopt recent reports and minutes of meetings. The Chairperson urged the Members to study the documents to ensure no errors slipped through, as this had happened recently and had been a cause of embarrassment. The Members supported her request.

    The Chairperson took the Members ...

  • Basic Education Schools that Work; Early Grade Reading; 25 Year Review
    27 Nov 2018

    The Committee was briefed by the Department on Basic Education on Early Grade Reading Studies; the Schools That Work Survey II and the 25 Year Review of Basic Education. The Minister had tasked the National Education Evaluation and Development Unit to conduct a study into why some schools performed better ...

  • Basic Education Department of Basic Education Quarter 2 performance
    13 Nov 2018

    The Committee met with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to be briefed on the Department’s second quarter performance for the 2018/19 financial year. The presentation addressed major highlights for the quarter before delving into the performance with regard to the specific indicators of the five programmes of ...

  • Basic Education High Level Panel Recommendations: Department of Basic Education progress report
    30 Oct 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) met with the Committee to present the report of the High-Level Panel (HLP) on the assessment of key legislation and the acceleration of fundamental change in South Africa’s education system.

    Pertinent aspects of the presentation included school dropout rates, where it was noted ...

  • Basic Education Whole School District Approach: NECT progress report; Basic Education BRRR
    16 Oct 2018

    2018 Budget Review & Recommendations Reports – BRRR

    This was a roundtable meeting with the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT), which was given an opportunity to present an updated report on the impact and challenges of its programme.

    The NECT said that there had been growth in the programme, but it ...

  • Basic Education History as a compulsory subject; Rural Education Draft Policy: with Deputy Minister
    21 Aug 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) met with the Portfolio Committee to discuss the proposed introduction of history as a compulsory school subject, and also presented its proposals for a draft rural education policy.

    The Deputy Minister said the approach and value sought from history being taught was to create ...

  • Basic Education Safety in Schools; ETDP-SETA collaboration with Department
    22 May 2018

    Equal Education presented their submission on safety at schools, and focused their presentation on the research that they had conducted on school safety and school violence, which showed that one in five learners were victims of violence each year. It had come before the Committee because it was of the ...

  • Basic Education Department of Basic Education 2018/19 Budget & Annual Performance Plan
    17 Apr 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) presented its 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan (APP) to the Committee. The presentation spoke to allocations for the financial year, reduction in funding, additional indicators and prioritisation of issues. The presentation also covered areas for improvement and response to findings by the Auditor-General of ...

  • Basic Education South African Council for Educators & UMALUSI 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan; Readiness to administer Sign Language Examinations 2018
    27 Mar 2018

    Members received a presentation from the South African Council for Educators (SACE) on its 2017/18 strategic and Annual Performance Plans and budget as well as a presentation from Umalusi on its Annual Performance Plan. Umalusi also made a presentation on the state of readiness to quality assure South African ...