Nomaswazi Phyllis Mohlala

Nomaswazi Phyllis Mohlala

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Committee appearances

  • Budget 2004 hearings: Organised Business 24 Feb 2004

    Mr Mohlala (ANC) asked for more clarity on the lack of progress on the restructuring of state owned enterprises.
  • South African Management and Development Institute (SAMDI): progress report 29 Jan 2004

    Mr Mohlala (ANC) commented that because of the fresh change and the clean sweep since Mr Soobrayan arrived, he was not surprised that five senior managers had resigned from SAMDI. He did caution that one should not revel in colleagues having work-related stress.
  • SITA Annual Report: briefing 19 Nov 2003

    Mr Mohlala (ANC) asked how it had come about that SITA has managed to make savings on operating costs despite a staff increase of 500.
  • Restructuring of Pension Provisioning for Public Service Employees 19 Aug 2003

    Mr Mohlala (ANC) commented that the streamlining of the public service needs to be commended and that the process should be fully supported. He enquired about rumours that labour did not want to be part of the process. Clarity was also required on dormant membership.
  • Department of Defence Budget: briefing 13 May 2003

    Mr Mohlala (ANC) asserted that the constitutional imperatives of the budgeting process provided for situations where Parliament could be involved in budget formulation. The more they became involved, the more they would understand.

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