Mr Nkosiyakhe Amos Masondo

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Nkosiyakhe Amos Masondo


  • Establishment and Clustering of NCOP Committees 12 Jun 2019

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Rules Committee.
  • Parliament Mid-Term performance 2018/19: discussion; Fifth Parliament Legacy Report 20 Mar 2019

    Mr A Masondo (ANC) seconded.
  • Municipal Systems Amendment Bill [B2-2019]: stakeholder engagement Day 2 27 Feb 2019

    Mr A Masondo (ANC) said it was important to remember why there was an attempt to separate politics from the independent functioning of municipalities. It was because of practical problems that had arisen because of the appointment of political people. The appointment of senior political people in municipal positions at ...
  • Committee Annual Report & Legacy Report 21 Nov 2018

    Mr A Masondo (ANC) wanted to know when this would come to an end.
  • Customary Initiation Bill [B7-2018]: deliberations 7 Nov 2018

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone and suggested that the Committee commence immediately with the amendments to the Customary Initiation Bill [B 7 — 2018]. He requested Dr Rinaldi Bester, Chief Director: Policy and Legislation, Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) to present the changes.
  • Parliament 2017/18 Annual Report; with AGSA input 31 Oct 2018

    Mr A Masondo (ANC) asked for clarity on the enquiries instituted on political party funding. He asked for the sample size of the customer satisfaction survey. The case involving the suspended Secretary to Parliament was not completed by the expected month. Difficulties in the case should be stated upfront to ...
  • Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs; DTA & MISA 2017/18 Annual Reports 11 Oct 2018

    Mr N Masondo (ANC) said that MISA was a relatively small organisation, and it should not be experiencing some of these issues. In the presentation, the words “delaying procurement” spoke to some of the problems that existed in the organization. He suggested that the Agency needed to look into this ...
  • SALGA, MDB & CRL Commission 2017/18 Annual Reports 10 Oct 2018

    Mr N Masondo (ANC) firstly congratulated SALGA on a quality report as well as a clean audit, although there is always room for improvement. He spoke to the Small Town Regeneration (STR) programme and said it is a government wide programme which needs to be interrogated slightly differently all the ...
  • Customary Initiation Bill: stakeholder engagement 12 Sep 2018

    The Chairperson said the constitution was the supreme law of the land, and it was concerning that government departments would be uncertain about that, as the potential problems which would arise would cause havoc in SA society.
  • Customary Initiation Bill: stakeholder engagement 12 Sep 2018

    Ms Shereen Cassiem, Committee Secretary submitted the Chairperson’s apology, noting that he was delayed at a different meeting. She asked for nomination for a stand-in Chairperson. The Committee nominated Mr A Masondo (ANC), so the meeting could proceed.