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Mtikeni Patrick Sibande


  • Airports Company & ATNS Company Amendment Bills: deliberations & voting 12 Mar 2019

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) felt that provisions in Clause 2 were vague. He asked how the appointment of non-executive directors in the Company was to be done. What would be the split? He asked whether there was cause for concern over the constitutionality of the Clause as often people who ...
  • Consideration and adoption of minutes 26 Feb 2019

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) seconded the move.
  • Airports Company Amendment Bill & ATNS Company Amendment Bill: deliberations 5 Feb 2019

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) thanked the Department for the submission and echoed its sentiments about the key features of the Bill that sought to be aligned with the Company’s Act of 2008. He indicated that there were so many legislations that were outdated. With regards to the disclosure of interests ...
  • Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) governance 4 Dec 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) said that before the meeting commenced something very strange happened. For example, the presenter had indicated that under the CEO’s tenure, the organisation had received clean audits for three consecutive years. However, he wanted to know whether all internal procedures had been undertaken to resolve these ...
  • Committee Legacy Report 27 Nov 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) said that going forward, a recommendation would be that emphasis should be placed on ensuring that whenever a budget was developed, one had to stick to that budget and ensure that the budget report submitted was as clear, detailed and informative as possible.
  • SADC Aviation Safety Organisation Charter; Committee Report on RABS Bill 13 Nov 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) said that one must refrain from using the term “I do not take it kindly” because that was not proper language. We do not want to take it there, but if we are pushed we will take it there as Members. He agreed with Mr Ramatlakane ...
  • RABS Bill [B17-2017]: consideration 7 Nov 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) agreed and suggested that the objection should clearly state that it was only the DA position and not other minority parties. There are a lot of minority parties in the Committee and they may not necessarily share the same view as the DA.
  • Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill: deliberations 31 Oct 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) rebutted Mr Hunsinger’s suggestion saying that the Committee had had ample time to go through the financial implications in depth and had dealt with that aspect of the Bill. Members needed to focus on the momentum of processing the Bill. Mr Hunsinger’s proposal was a means ...
  • Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) Bill: deliberations 30 Oct 2018

    Mr M Sibande (ANC) agreed with Mr Ramatlakane stating that the CEO was not sufficiently empowered to discharge his or her duties on the appointment and dismissal of executive managers that would require an approval by the Board.
  • Small Enterprise Ombud Service Bill: deliberations 24 Oct 2018

    Mr Sibande (ANC) corrected Committee Members who assumed that they had not been informed about the Private Member’s Bill. He said they had a background in engaging with legislation from other Portfolio Committees that they served on. He made an example of himself. He had served as a Chairperson for ...