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Committee appearances

  • Committee Report on Committee Programme: adoption 23 Jun 2004

    A Member asked if the Sitebeng Water Board got money from the government and was thus accountable. The Chair noted that as public entities, the Water Boards were accountable even if they did not get money from the government Mr Phala (ANC) recalled that the Sitebeng Water Board was related ...
  • Department Budget: hearings 2 Jun 2004

    Mr Phala (ANC) asked how the Water Caucus would allocate funds to its affiliates if they were given money. He said that he knows the Mvula Trust and the work they do. He asked if they were getting money from other institutions.
  • Election of Chairperson & Adoption of Draft Committee Programme 12 May 2004

    Mr Phala (ANC) asked that consideration be given to transport arrangements for members after late meetings, as some would have problems getting home. The Chair agreed that this would be dealt with.
  • Drought Report: Department briefing 4 Feb 2004

    Mr Phala (ANC) noted that the drought had been going on for two or three years, and asked about the impact of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. He also asked about monitoring by the Department, noting the situations where people were having to use the same water as animals.
  • Umgeni Water Board: briefing 11 Jun 2003

    Mr. Phala (ANC) noted that NEHAWU's allegations on corruption date back to 1992 a time, which the new board was not in office and wondered why they should be held responsible.

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