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Mosiuoa Lekota


  • 2019-w661 - 18 April 2019 18 Apr 2019

    What (a) is the extent of fraud and corruption that has been uncovered and (b) is being done about the uncovered corruption with regard to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme?
  • 2019-w422 - 12 April 2019 12 Apr 2019

    Whether the Government intends to continue with its non-statutory forces project; if so, (a) what criteria is being applied to determine the promotions to be effected in terms of the programme and (b) how will (i) these promotions be effected in a fair, meritorious and transparent manner given the rights ...
  • 2019-w662 - 01 April 2019 1 Apr 2019

    What (a) informed the decision to close down the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa’s NTP facility and (b)(i) impact has the closure of the facility had on the availability of nuclear radioisotopes for nuclear medicine purposes in the country and (ii) is being done to rectify the ...
  • 2019-w619 - 29 March 2019 29 Mar 2019

    What is the estimated tax revenue lost over the past 10 financial years due to the illicit cigarette industry?
  • 2019-w167 - 25 March 2019 25 Mar 2019

    What (a) are the root causes of the current water crisis in the Makana Local Municipality and (b) steps has he taken to resolve the crisis?
  • 2019-w620 - 25 March 2019 25 Mar 2019

    What steps does his department or the Government intend to take in order to arrest the collapse of the Msunduzi Local Municipality?
  • 2019-w420 - 25 March 2019 25 Mar 2019

    Whether any remedial action has been taken following a report by the Auditor-General that in KwaZulu-Natal a total amount of R368 709 in salaries had been paid to 29 dead izinduna, that R6 million had been paid to izinduna who are full-time employees of Government and that some R2 million ...
  • 2019-w421 - 08 March 2019 8 Mar 2019

    What reasons informed the recall of a certain person (name and details furnished)?
  • 2019-w168 - 06 March 2019 6 Mar 2019

    (a) what is the current status of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 0f 2000 application lodged in September 2018 by a certain person (Mr IE Lebelo) on behalf of former Aventura employees for a copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement of Aventura Bela Bela to Forever ...
  • 2019-w166 - 01 March 2019 1 Mar 2019

    Has the National Treasury found that the Government’s policy of fee-free higher education for the poor is fiscally sustainable?