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Mosie Antony Cele

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Economic Development Committee Oversight Reports
    12 Mar 2019

    The North West Oversight Report was adopted with the addition of 2 suggestions. A Member suggested that the reports hould include the Sun City Airport matter as well as the alleged corruption in the Mphebatho Cultural Museum. The Committee noted that this would assist the Sixth Parliament Committee, and recommend ...

  • Economic Development Legacy Report of Economic Development Portfolio Committee
    5 Mar 2019

    Find here once available - Legacy Reports 

    The Committee discussed and approved its legacy report. The content adviser took the Members through the areas where amendments had been made. The issues raised during the previous meeting were addressed and the report was concluded.

    A Member suggested that the legacy ...

  • Economic Development Committee Legacy Report
    26 Feb 2019

    Documents handed out: Draft Report of the Portfolio on Economic Development on its activities undertaken during the Fifth Parliament (2014-2019) [once available Tabled Committee Reports]

    The main agenda of the meeting was to deliberate on the Portfolio Committee’s legacy report, which covered the work that it had started in May ...

  • Economic Development Economic Development Legacy Report
    19 Feb 2019

    The Committee’s Legacy Report was tabled. Members were advised to read the report as it will be discussed in the next meeting.

  • Economic Development Minister of Economic Development on Transformation
    27 Nov 2018

    The Committee was briefed by the Minister of Economic Development on the impact created by the Industrial Development Corporation’s (IDC’s) investment decisions on transformation and economic inclusion. The Department had set a five year target for the IDC to promote economic inclusion and had provided it with R32 billion funding ...

  • Economic Development Economic Development Department Quarter 1 & 2 performance; with Minister and Deputy present
    13 Nov 2018

    The Minister of Economic Development, Mr Ebrahim Patel, met with the Committee to brief it on quarter one and two performance of the Department of Economic Development (EDD) for the 2018/19 financial year. Quarter one covered the period 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018 and the presentation addressed highlights ...

  • Economic Development Committee business
    6 Nov 2018

    The Committee considered multiple outstanding minutes from 21 August to 16 October 2018. Members went through each document individually and made corrections to some of them before adopting. Minutes were adopted for all sessions except the second half of the 16th October meeting.

    Members raised several issues with the draft ...

  • Economic Development Economic Development Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report
    30 Oct 2018

    Economic Development Budget Review & Recommendations Report at Budget Review & Recommendations

    The Committee considered and adopted its Budget Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR) on the Economic Development Department and its entities: Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal and International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC).

  • Economic Development IDC 2017/18 Annual Report; Competition Amendment Bill: adoption
    16 Oct 2018

    The Committee passed the final version (B-list) of the Competition Amendment Bill as well as the Committee Report on the Bill.

    The DA objected to both, highlighting that the Bill gave too much powers to the Minister. The party further complained that the process undertaken by the Committee was questionable ...

  • Economic Development Economic Development Department 2017/18 Annual Report; with Minister & Deputy Minister
    11 Oct 2018

    Annual Reports 2017/18

    The EDD briefed the Committee on its 2017/18 annual report. The Minister and Deputy Minister were in attendance.

    The EDD received a clean audit, and there as an overall improvement in the control environment as evidenced by less findings compared to the previous financial years.

    In terms ...