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  • New Schools Built As Part Of "One School Per Week" Campaign (Minister's Response) 24 Oct 2013

    Hon Speaker, I want to thank the hon Ndaka for celebrating the delivery of schools. This is part of the Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Development Initiative, Asidi, which is being co-ordinated by the Presidency through the Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission, PICC.

    I would like to share with the House that we ...

  • Appropriation Bill 7 May 2013

    Hon Chairperson, I will withdraw the words ``shut up'' but certainly ask for the protection ... [Interjections.]

  • Appropriation Bill 7 May 2013

    Hon Chairperson, thank you very much!

  • Appropriation Bill 7 May 2013

    Chairperson, hon Ministers, Deputy Ministers, former Deputy President, MECs who are my colleagues and are present here, stakeholders in education and hon members, I cannot but agree with the hon Lovemore that what we require in our country is massive change and by merely dealing with matters in a fragmented ...

  • Appropriation Bill 7 May 2013

    Hon Chairperson, thank you very much. It has been said that there are some, such as a drunkard who leans against a lamp post for support, while others go to the lamp post for enlightenment and illusion. So, one has to distinguish between those two. Comments that come from some ...

  • Call By Sadtu For Resignation Of Minister Of Basic Education (Minister's Response) 19 Mar 2013

    Hon Speaker, I will be very brief in relation to three responses. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the schools in Randburg on their excellent performance. It certainly augurs well for the future. With regard to the second statement pertaining to Dr Hussain, I certainly want to take this opportunity ...

  • Attack On Sebitja High School Learners In Limpopo (Minister's Response) 6 Nov 2012

    Hon Deputy Speaker, we certainly condemn any act of violence on any of our children, any of our learners, wherever they might be, whether it is Limpopo, the Western Cape or anywhere else. We want to create safe and caring environments for our learners to learn. It is rather unfortunate ...

  • Cape Town A Tale Of Two Cities (Minister's Response) 1 Nov 2012

    Hon Speaker, with regard to the closure of the schools, perhaps to just share with the House, there were 27 schools that were earmarked for closure. We understand that the process that was then followed was a consultative process. To what extent the consultation took place, we are not certain ...

  • Apartheid Legacy Of Poor Education (Minister's Response) 30 Oct 2012

    Deputy Speaker, I have four responses to statements that have been made. The first is in relation to the quality of education in the Western Cape, and certainly we would celebrate with the Western Cape when they do well. Just the year before last, Gauteng surpassed the Western Cape in ...

  • Apartheid Legacy Of Poor Education (Minister's Response) 30 Oct 2012

    I have four responses, hon Deputy Speaker. Is it one? Okay.