Mr Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu

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Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu


  • Electronic Communications Amendments Bill: public hearings 30 Nov 2018

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS), the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and Telkom, which would be the first to present.
  • IKAMVA Bill: deliberations 4 Sep 2018

    The Chairperson commented that when the Committee dealt with the Annual Performance Plans (APPs) of USAASA, some members of the opposition felt the Chairperson was too hard on the board members with regard to PFMA expectations, laws that regulate the entity, shabbiness of the work presented to the Committee, and ...
  • IKAMVA National E-Skills Institute Bill: consideration of submissions 14 Aug 2018

    The Chairperson informed Members that the Committee only received four submissions on the Bill. The submissions were from PL Mamafha, Adi Makhado, Elcort Matlala, and S’busiso Ntombela. He pointed out that the submissions had nothing substantive.
  • PANSALB, Robben Island Museum, Free State Performing Arts Centre 2016/17 Annual Report 10 Oct 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) recommended that further litigation costs should be paid by PACOFS management, as they seemed to be the party prolonging the matter. He also cautioned the interim CEO from making foolish remarks, such as “the Auditor General had woken up from its slumber.” PACOFS had been pleased ...
  • Department of Arts and Culture on its Quarter 1 performance 22 Aug 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) reflected on the Chairperson’s statement with regards to the funeral that the members were able to attend and how grateful they were to know more about the Chairperson and her family.
  • Mzansi Golden Economy: Department of Arts and Culture briefing 20 Jun 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) said that he had a gripe with the ‘open calls,’ because in the three years that he had been a Member of Parliament (MP), he had not come across it. He said that the Department should inform MPs when open calls were made, so that they ...
  • Market Theatre; Boer Republic War Museum & KZN Museum on their Annual Performance Plan 4 May 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) pointed that the DAC does not focus on other wars that also took place around the country. The War Museum is only an aspect of the wars that happened within the country and he wanted to know why the DAC does not focus on Wars that ...
  • State of Governance at the entity: National Arts Council briefing 7 Feb 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) also agreed that it was inappropriate for the presentation to be accepted when the members forming the board were not present at the meeting. He also pointed out that the board f the Council, having been appointed, is a legal entity and the fact that it ...
  • Deliberations 20 Jan 2017

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) said there were contradictions between information in the Public Protector’s Report, the testimonies of former SABC Board members and what Ms Tshabalala presented. When Ms Tshabalala was asked whether Minister Nzimande called her, she said no, therefore there were doubts about her credibility.
  • Hearings 12 Dec 2016

    Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) noted the importance of the SABC writing to the Ad Hoc Committee on the day commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Constitution. Who was the SABC that it would lead evidence in a parliamentary inquiry? The letter was an egregious attempt to undermine a constitutional and ...