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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Standing Committee on Appropriations Legacy Report
    20 Mar 2019

    The Committee reviewed, discussed and amended their Legacy Report. It was highlighted that the Committee had to exercise monitoring over Parliament’s budget using a monitoring instrument, that this Committee was an overseer of all Committees and departments, and that this Committee had to validate information by benchmarking. It was stated ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Public Audit Excess Bill: adoption
    13 Mar 2019

    Documents handed out: Draft committee report on the Public Audit Excess Fee Bill.

    The Committee agreed unanimously to a Bill which aims to overcome difficulties the Auditor General has in securing payment for audits of some government entities which are financially distressed.

    While national and provincial government departments have to ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Committee Report on Division of Revenue Bill 2019
    12 Mar 2019

    The Standing Committee considered and adopted its Report on the Division of Revenue Bill. The Committee examined the draft report on a page-by-page basis, with the input of the National Treasury. The changes made were largely about grammar and numbering. However, a substantive debate on the mismatch between funding and ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Division of Revenue Bill: public hearings; FFC & SALGA input
    8 Mar 2019

    The Standing and Select Committees on Appropriations held a joint sitting to receive input on the 2019 Division of Revenue Bill (B5). The Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC), the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability (WCFID) and Equal Education all submitted their comments ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Integrated Financial Management System: National Treasury briefing
    6 Mar 2019

    Documents: Nexus Forensic Investigation Report

    The Committee was briefed on the findings of the Nexus forensic investigation into the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS). Treasury said the investigation arose from an audit undertaken by the Treasury internal audit committee.  A draft report was completed on 2 July 2018 and the ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Jobs Fund: National Treasury briefing
    5 Mar 2019

    National Treasury presented a performance update on the Employment Creation Facilitation Fund (the Jobs Fund). The Fund was created in 2011 with a target of creating 150 thousand permanent jobs. By December 2018, the Fund had created 170 thousand permanent jobs, 55 thousand short term jobs, 20 thousand internships and ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Public Works & Defence Department progress in moving infrastructure/maintenance function to Defence
    27 Feb 2019

    The Committee convened to listen to arguments presented by the Department of  Defence (DOD), National Treasury and Department of Public Works about the transfer of the DOD maintenance function from Public Works to DOD. The Department of Defence outlined the required number of personnel and the subsequent additional budget required ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Deviations & expansions in 2018/19 Quarter 2 & 3: Office of Chief Procurement Officer
    13 Feb 2019

    The highlighted that entities must only deviate from inviting competitive bids in cases of emergency and sole supplier status. An emergency procurement may occur when there is a serious and unexpected situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment which calls an agency to action and ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations National Treasury Quarter 2 & 3 performance; Jobs Fund Update; Committee Annual Report
    12 Feb 2019

    The Committee met with National Treasury for a briefing on quarter three spending outcomes of government departments and public entities for 2018/19, and an update on the Jobs Fund.

    National Treasury said major contributors to underspending for the first nine months of 2018/19 were the following departments: Cooperative Governance and ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Committee Reports on 2018 MTBPS; Adjustments Appropriation Bill & Special Appropriation Bill
    27 Nov 2018

    The Committee met to consider and adopt the draft reports on the 2018 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement; the Adjustments Appropriations Bill B35-2018; and the Special Appropriations Bill B36-2018.

    Members considered the draft 2018 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS), and apart from corrections to grammar and style, discussed whether ...