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Michael John Cardo


  • Legacy Report of Economic Development Portfolio Committee 5 Mar 2019

    Dr M Cardo (DA) reminded the Chairperson of the planned discussion with the Minister on the forensic investigation into the Competition Commission.
  • Committee Legacy Report 26 Feb 2019

    Dr J Cardo (DA) noted that the three points raised were:
  • Economic Development Department Quarter 1 & 2 performance 13 Nov 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) referred to the price preference system and asked if there were other mechanisms, like export tax, that could replace it and how much export tax was raised annually. He asked if, in the event of export tax being prioritised, a sole port of export was on ...
  • Committee business 6 Nov 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) felt that some clarification was needed on information given on LHR solutions, which he stressed needed to be expanded upon to provide greater context for readers.
  • Economic Development Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report 30 Oct 2018

    Dr J Cardo (DA) said that the Competition Commission must provide a progress report on this matter.
  • IDC 2017/18 Annual Report: Competition Amendment Bill: adoption 16 Oct 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) said the DA did not agree with the provision and objected as such but it may well be the case that the Committee’s majority agreed on this. He then asked whether the DA should object formally in the meeting or this will be included in ...
  • Economic Development Department 2017/18 Annual Reports 11 Oct 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) wanted to know whether the Department has done any research on the cost of state capture into the economy and infrastructure development, and whether it would be possible to quantify the impact. Secondly, how has it affected the job creation set out in the NDP and ...
  • Competition Commission 2017/18 Annual Report 10 Oct 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) commented on the interference stating that he was not aware of any politicians suggesting that the Commission should not prosecute the banks collusion case. It is not interference to draw attention to the judgment issued by the Competition Appeal Court in the Standard Bank case. Judgments ...
  • Competition Commission & Competition Tribunal 2017/18 Annual Reports 9 Oct 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) referred to the Standard Bank dispute around access to the records of the investigation on the bank’s collusion case. The court had not determined whether Standard Bank should be given access to those records by the time the Tribunal put together its annual report, but ...
  • Competition Amendment Bill [B23-2018]: consideration 2 Oct 2018

    Dr M Cardo (DA) noted the changes from Guidelines to Regulations. He wanted to know about the background thinking that took place. There was a danger that it concentrated too much power to the Minister. There was need to explore the pitfalls that could possibly arise from this. He was ...