Dr Mathole Serofo Motshekga

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Mathole Serofo Motshekga

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Justice and Correctional Services Correctional Centre Infrastructure: Department of Correctional Services briefing
    5 Nov 2014

    The Department of Correctional Services said that the Department of Public Works (DPW) was the custodian of government buildings and manages the municipality accounts for DCS facilities. DCS leases government owned properties directly from DPW and pays accommodation charges to DPW. For the 2014/15 to 2019/20 financial period ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Court infrastructure building & maintenance: briefing by Department of Justice
    4 Nov 2014

    The Department of Justice spoke about the state of its current infrastructure projects at magistrate and high  courts, the state of maintenance of buildings occupied by the Department, the disability access plan and its leased property portfolio.

    The situation for the current capital works projects underway was grim with there ...

  • Ad Hoc Committee - President's Submission in response to Public Protector's Report on Nkandla Committee Report on President's Submission in response to Public Protector's Report
    30 Oct 2014

    The Committee extensively discussed the Western Cape High Court judgment on the Public Protector’s Report dealing with the SABC chief operating officer appointment. The judgment pronounced on whether remedial actions recommended by the Public Protector were binding and enforceable. The judgment read that the Public Protector’s remedial actions ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Justice and Correctional Services Budget Review and Recommendations Report
    29 Oct 2014

    The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services, having received the Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR) for the Department of Correctional Services only that morning, postponed its consideration to the following day. It proceeded to read through the draft BRRR for the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, page ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Attorneys Amendment Bill, Suspension of Magistrates: Adoption of Committee Reports
    28 Oct 2014

    The Committee formally adopted three Committee Reports relating to the suspension of Mr TM Masinga, Additional Magistrate at Emlazi; the provisional suspension from office of Mrs RM Mahlalela, Additional Magistrate at Delmas; and the approval of the Magistrates Commission report on the upliftment of the provisional suspension of Mr PS ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Public Protector on its 2013/14 Annual Report & 2014 performance
    22 Oct 2014

    The Public Protector of South Africa presented its Annual Report, including a brief exposition of the work done by the Office over the year including the number of cases received (26 195), finalised (24 642), referred (3 072) and the staff complement (314, with 100 trainee investigators) which handled the ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services NPA & Special Investigating Unit on 2013/14 Annual Report & April to September 2014 performance
    21 Oct 2014

    The National Prosecuting Authority presented a synopsis of its Annual Report, covering the performance against indicators based on its strategic objectives for the Specialised Prosecutions Service, Asset Forfeiture Unit, Office for Witness Protection and Support Services. The NPA generally met its targets, with the Asset Forfeiture Unit having its best ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Department of Justice 2013/14 on its Annual Report & 1st Quarter 2014/15 with stakeholder input & Auditor-General report
    16 Oct 2014

    The Auditor General said the Justice Portfolio was doing relatively well except for problems complying with Supply Chain Management regulations. Third Party Funds had again received a disclaimer but the Auditor General said they were providing advice on instituting controls and a new IT accounting programme would eventually assist in ...

  • Justice and Correctional Services Department of Correctional Services 2013/14 Annual Report: Stakeholder hearings & Researcher Analysis
    15 Oct 2014

    The Committee heard submissions from stakeholders in the DCS environment from Popcru, Sonke Gender Justice and NICRO. They applauded some of the improvements the DCS had made in its performance though they lamented more the recurring challenges such as sexual violence in prisons, delays in remand detainee trials. The high ...

  • Ad Hoc Committee - President's Submission in response to Public Protector's Report on Nkandla Nkandla Security Upgrades: Public Protector and SIU Reports: consideration 30/09
    14 Oct 2014

    The Committee met to continue its work with only its ANC members present. The Committee heard inputs from two content advisors who discussed commonalities and differences between the reports of the Public Protector and the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) after which they started their consideration of the reports. A complexity ...