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Liezl Linda van der Merwe


  • 2020-w2261 - 16 November 2020 16 Nov 2020

    With regard to the special Covid-19 grant to the amount of R350, what (a) total number of persons have been paid to date, (b) is the cumulative amount paid out so far, (c) total number of persons have been rejected in total, (d) total number of appeals are being considered ...
  • 2020-w1634 - 16 November 2020 16 Nov 2020

    (1)With regard to the additional social workers, (a) how have the 1 089 social workers been deployed, (b) in which provinces are they delivering services, (c) under which national and/or provincial services and (d) who is paying their salaries; (2) whether she will provide Ms L L van ...
  • 2020-w2399 - 12 November 2020 12 Nov 2020

    In light of the fact that the Public Servants Association of South Africa has accused his department of victimising and harassing its Director of Law Enforcement, (name and details furnished), what are the details of the job description of a Law Enforcement Officer within his department; (2) whether he has ...
  • 2020-w2260 - 29 October 2020 29 Oct 2020

    What total amount has his department spent on advertising in media such as (a) radio, (b) television, (c) newspapers and (d) social media; 2) whether he will provide Ms L L van der Merwe with a list of media institutions that benefited from the advertising in the past 12 months ...
  • 2020-w1241 - 03 September 2020 3 Sep 2020

    Whether her department is on track to meeting its target of having 55 000 social workers employed by 2030 in accordance with the National Development Plan; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details?
  • 2020-w1242 - 19 August 2020 19 Aug 2020

    What number of social workers are currently employed by (a) the (i) State and (ii) private sector and (b) nongovernmental organisations?
  • 2020-w1222 - 19 August 2020 19 Aug 2020

    What amount did her department set aside to roll-out the Social Relief of Distress Grant?
  • 2020-w1387 - 19 August 2020 19 Aug 2020

    With reference to her reply to question 703 on 22 June 2020 regarding the value of the contracts awarded to service providers for the delivery and distribution of food parcels, what is the detailed breakdown of the products and services received according to each specified contract in each province?
  • 2020-w1635 - 13 August 2020 13 Aug 2020

    (a) What are the reasons that his department considered and/or granted two-year and one-year extensions to a certain company (name furnished), (b) why did it take two years just to release the Request For Information and (c) what are the processes that will now unfold pertaining to the four ...
  • 2020-w1633 - 31 July 2020 31 Jul 2020

    (1)   With regard to the establishment of the National Council on Gender- based Violence and Femicide, (a) on what date and (b) how will civil society be engaged meaningfully to participate in the process to establish the National Council on Gender Based Violence and Femicide; (2) Whether the R80 million ...