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Laetitia Heloise Arries

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Ms Arries is a member of the National Assembly and serves in the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation.

Prior to her election to Parliament, she served as a Councillor of the George Local Municipality. Ms Arries was elected to the National Assembly at the general election held on 8 May 2019. On 22 May 2019, she took office as an MP. She is one of two EFF MPs from George.



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Committee appearances

  • Children’s Amendment Bill: public hearings day 1 11 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) referred to the presentation given by the Equal Education Centre and the mention of ECD’s in the Constitution. Did they think that ECD should be incorporated into education in terms of the Schools Act, specifically so that ECD learning could be synergised through the education programmes ...
  • SASSA & NDA 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 5 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) stated that Members got anxious when dealing with the SASSA because of the important nature of the work the entity is doing and the significant challenges that the agency was facing. ‘
  • Department of Social Development 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 4 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) appreciated the presentation from the AGSA. The briefing gives a clear indication of where fraud and corruption is taking place within the Department. The AGSA has indicated that there is a process followed to institute criminal charges against wrongdoers. At what point did the Department take ...
  • AGSA on Special COVID-19 Audit Reports; DSD 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance; Children’s A/B: discussion on contested ECD clauses 17 Mar 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) asked whether the recommendations made by the AG had been implemented. She noted that there was nothing left of the R177 million food parcel budget, and given the number of fraudulent activities highlighted in the presentation, SASSA should implement plans to recover the money lost through ...
  • Updated Status Report on ECD Migration: DBE & DSD briefing 16 Mar 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) asked about the unregistered ECD centres and how they will be accommodated in this process. What plans will they enforce to ensure that ECD centres and workers are registered? The ECD programme play an important role in child development. What is the plan to ensure that ...

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