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Itiseng Kenneth Morolong


  • Special Appropriation Bill [B10-2019]: committee report 10 Oct 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) concurred with Mr Mlenzana and Mr Mathafa that the Bill must be strengthened through conditions and consequence management. However, the Committee does not have the luxury of time. He stated that the Bill should be passed to avoid the consequences of late payment to Eskom creditors.
  • South African Reserve Bank & Prudential Authority on 2018/19 Annual Reports 11 Sep 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) commended the Reserve Bank for maintaining inflation within targets. However, there is a view that the benefits of interest rate cuts meant to stimulate the economy are not transmitted to the consumers; big businesses derive the full benefit. He asked about progress in the investigations into ...
  • Steinhoff Investigation update 4 Sep 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) rose on a point of order. He stated that the Major General had said that he had sensitive information but he had also alluded to the fact that the meeting was being broadcast live. He wished to request that the sensitive information be withheld as the ...
  • National Treasury & SARS on TLAB, TALAB, Rates Bill & Income Tax Amendment Bill 3 Sep 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) asked about controlled foreign companies and how the reduction in income tax on multinational companies would affect or benefit the country from a revenue perspective.
  • Induction Workshop continued 21 Aug 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) noted that public representatives were obsessed with the capacity of citizenry to be able to participate in programmes of government. He asked FAIS what its capacity to reach the ordinary South African was: its footprint, number of cases, demographics, determinations made - to what extent did ordinary ...
  • Induction & Stakeholder Engagement on their role, mandate and key strategic objectives 20 Aug 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) referred to the annual performance report (APR) of the OTO, stating it stipulated that the top ten tax cases resolved by the entity amounted to about R450 million worth of tax returns, and this gave a sense of the nature of cases the entity dealt with ...
  • 2019 Appropriation Bill: proposed amendments & Committee Report 19 Jul 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) also said that it was not correct for Mr Sarupen to engage on the same proposal after there had been a legal opinion from the Adv Jenkins. He thought that the Committee was now expected to respond to the proposal by the DA, or to adopt ...
  • National Treasury & SARS 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans 4 Jul 2019

    Mr I Morolong (ANC) asked if the tax incentive scheme aimed at reducing youth unemployment was achieving its objectives. There were suggestions that companies were claiming tax benefits for people they would have employed regardless of the tax incentives.