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Committee appearances

  • Sentech 2009/10 Budget and Strategic Plan & Priorities 11 Jun 2009

    Mr Mkhize (ANC) asked what would be the best way to proceed on the Dinaledi schools project which was a very expensive project. He continued on the matter of SKA, and South Africa’s bid for SKA to be located here. He wanted to know if communities had been engaged ...
  • Sentech 2009/10 Budget and Strategic Plan & Priorities 11 Jun 2009

    Mr Mkhize (ANC) wanted to know what Sentech’s view was on the issue of not being able to compete in the private sector. He wanted to understand the view of Sentech and the disadvantages of this decision.
  • Water Boards Annual Report Hearings 6 May 2008

    Mr Mkhize (DWAF) said that there was a reason for everything being “in process”. He stated that the machinery of government had long processes and that everything was negotiated. DWAF also wished for processes to be complete.
  • National Health Bill: briefing 9 Sep 2003

    Mr. Mkhize (ANC) said that provincial powers should devolve to the municipalities and therefore there was nothing wrong in municipalities providing primary health care.
  • Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill: hearings 17 Sep 2002

    Adv. Mkhize (HPCSA) responded the HPCSA deals with standards, training, and knowledge, and cannot be involved in any determination of licensing need.

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