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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Basic Education Department of Basic Education Quarter 4 performance
    5 Jun 2018

    The Department on Basic Education (DBE) met with the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education to present itas fourth quarterly report for the 2017/2018 financial year. DBE reflected on the fourth quarter outputs achieved in comparison to the planned targets of the pre-determined objectives for the year; as well as the ...

  • Basic Education Safety in Schools; ETDP-SETA collaboration with Department
    22 May 2018

    Equal Education presented their submission on safety at schools, and focused their presentation on the research that they had conducted on school safety and school violence, which showed that one in five learners were victims of violence each year. It had come before the Committee because it was of the ...

  • Basic Education Violence Against Children: Save the Children SA briefing
    15 May 2018

    Save the Children told the Committee it believed that every child deserved a future, and that the organisation provide children with a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. It had offices in five provinces -- Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga (partly) and the Free State. ...

  • Basic Education Three-Stream Model; Fourth Industrial Revolution: Department progress report
    8 May 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) presented its plans for the implementation of a three-stream model in the South Africa curriculum, and how it was gearing the school system up to deal with the technological challenges of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

    Historically, the South African education system had focused mainly ...

  • Basic Education Committee Report on Basic Education Budget
    2 May 2018

    PMG did not attend the meeting, Minutes from Parliament bellow.

    Draft Minutes of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education


    Date                 :           2 May 2018

    Time                 :           09:30

    Venue              :           Committee Room V226, 2nd Floor, Old Assembly Wing, Parliament

    Agenda            :           Consideration and Adoption of Committee Report on Budget Vote ...

  • Basic Education Department of Basic Education 2018/19 Budget & Annual Performance Plan
    17 Apr 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) presented its 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan (APP) to the Committee. The presentation spoke to allocations for the financial year, reduction in funding, additional indicators and prioritisation of issues. The presentation also covered areas for improvement and response to findings by the Auditor-General of SA ...

  • Basic Education South African Council for Educators & UMALUSI 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan; Readiness to administer Sign Language Examinations 2018
    27 Mar 2018

    Members received a presentation from the South African Council for Educators (SACE) on its 2017/18 strategic and Annual Performance Plans and budget as well as a presentation from Umalusi on its Annual Performance Plan. Umalusi also made a presentation on the state of readiness to quality assure South African Sign ...

  • Basic Education DBE Budget: AGSA briefing; Progress in Implementation of the Action Plan to address Audit Outcomes, with Deputy Minister
    13 Mar 2018

    The Committee met with the Department of Basic Education (DBE), accompanied by the Deputy Minister, and the Auditor-General of SA (AGSA) to consider progress made with the action plan to address the audit outcomes and findings of the 2016/17 financial year. The AGSA presented the reviewed draft 2018/19 Annual Performance ...

  • Basic Education School infrastructure: update on ASIDI, with Deputy Minister
    6 Mar 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) was initially supposed to brief the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on its 2nd and 3rd quarterly reports; and to provide an update on the Accelerated School’s Infrastructure Development Initiative (ASIDI), especially in light of the negative reports. The update on ASIDI took longer ...

  • Basic Education ICT Roll-Out in Schools; School Governing Board (SGB) Elections; with Minister and Deputy Minister
    27 Feb 2018

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) briefed the Committee on the current preparations for school governing body elections, which would take place from March 2018. The complexity of the election process was highlighted, especially with regard to uniformity across the provinces. Although the overall percentage of readiness was good, it ...