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Hope Helene Malgas


  • 2016-w1360 - 15 June 2016 15 Jun 2016

    Whether the substance abuse treatment centres which were scheduled to be built in the Northern Cape have been completed; if not, (a) what are the reasons for non-completion in each case and (b) at what stage of completion is each specified centre?
  • 2016-w1226 - 06 June 2016 6 Jun 2016

    (1)What progress has her department made thus far with the draft policy on early childhood development; (2) whether a comprehensive programme is in place for early childhood development; if so, was the specified programme gazetted for public comment?
  • NW688E - 14 August 2009 14 Aug 2009

    (1) With reference to a certain document (copy furnished), what is the average period that it takes a fully investigated case to proceed through the entire court process of the Regional Court of Port Elizabeth from the time that the accused initially appeared in court up to the date of ...