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  • Mineral And Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill (Second Reading Debate) 12 Mar 2014

    Madam Deputy Speaker, the current amendments to the Minerals and Petroleum Resource Development Act, MPRDA, follow amendments to the Act which were passed in 2008 and signed into law only last year, five years after its passing. This indicates the level of indecisiveness and uncertainty of the ANC-led government, the ...

  • No1048E 5 Jun 2013

    Hon Chair, although we acknowledge the responsibility of the mining companies to contribute in accordance with the social and labour plans in terms of the Mining Charter, it is important to note that the mining sector contributes approximately 8% of the national GDP. Many billions of rands are paid to ...

  • Gdp. 28 May 2013

    Chairperson, the Marikana tragedy in August last year undisputedly blemished South Africa's mining industry. The events at Marikana changed the lives of more than 34 families who lost a child, a father, a brother or a husband. Marikana also changed the lives of everyone involved in the mining industry ...

  • Consideration Of Report Of Portfolio Committee On Mineral Resources - International Study Tour To Chile And Bolivia From 17-26 January 2011 11 Sep 2012

    Chair, in Bolivia we witnessed the abject poverty experienced by mining communities surrounding the mining operations of the state-owned mining company, Comibol. It is dysfunctional and in a state of disrepair, with poor production figures of copper. No mention of these facts is made in the report.

    We were, inter ...

  • Point Of Order Regarding Possibly Racist Remark (Ruling) 10 May 2012

    Must I "mind my time"? [Laughter.]

  • Point Of Order Regarding Possibly Racist Remark (Ruling) 10 May 2012

    Hon Minister, in the light of the fact that the DA is a party of the future, I would like to direct my speech in particular to the 21 future CEOs sitting in the gallery, unlike the ANC which, I suppose, is not open to change and alternative methods.

    Could ...

  • Point Of Order Regarding Possibly Racist Remark (Ruling) 10 May 2012

    Hon Chair, on a point of order: Is it parliamentary to refer to a DA member as a comrade? [Laughter.]

  • Point Of Order Regarding Possibly Racist Remark (Ruling) 10 May 2012

    I'll mind my time.

    The recent Western Cape High Court decision in the matter of Kumba v ICT also confirms the inability of the department to regulate the mining licence process justly and correctly.

    I conclude by saying that the mining lekgotla next month, to be attended by unions ...

  • No4262E 23 Nov 2011

    Madam Chair, the top 10 companies have during the past three weeks indicated that they have broadly achieved the Mining Charter targets set for 2014. In fact, whilst the Department of Mineral Resources, DMR, has indicated that the mining houses have achieved only 8,9% in terms of ownership targets ...

  • Discovery Of Torture Camps (Member's Statement) 1 Sep 2011

    The BBC recently reported the discovery of alleged torture camps in the Merange diamond field and criticised the Kimberley Process for failing to address violence in the Merange area. In addition to the specific accusation of torture camps, the BBC reported a problem associated with the militarisation of the Merange ...