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Dumisani Fannie Mthenjane


  • Legacy Reports; Committee Programme 3 Sep 2019

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) agreed that some new Members might not be knowledgeable. Having listened to both of them, he felt that it made sense to list issues according to their level of urgency. He understood Mr Mileham’s frustration as the Committee’s function was to serve the people ...
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Mincosa, SAMDA, SAOGA, NIASA, SAREC, EIUG, CSIR & SAPIA 21 Aug 2019

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) commented that in their presentation, SAPIA had focused mostly on the making of profits. He asked why fuel was so expensive, and what their plan to deal with that was.
  • Stakeholder Engagement with Trade Unions: NUM, AMCU, UASA, Solidarity; NUMSA & CEPPWAU 20 Aug 2019

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) commended the presentation. He, however, noted that people do not 'celebrate' the Marikana incident, rather they commemorate it. The people were massacred because they demanded a wage increase. How would people live in decent houses if they do not receive good pay? What is UASA's ...
  • Mineral Resources and Energy Budget: Committee Report 5 Jul 2019

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone and reminded the Committee that Fridays were also working days. He also informed the Committee that they were facing a time constraint. He noted Mr M Wolmarans’ (ANC) late arrival and said the Committee had been waiting for him to arrive. Apologies were received from Mr ...
  • Departments of Mineral Resources and Energy 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans 3 Jul 2019

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) said there were some matters which were not clear. For example, they were not coming up with a proper plan to solve the issue of illegal mining. In 2015, it was estimated there were about 30 000 illegal mines operating in South Africa. Illegal mining was ...