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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport (WCPP) ShotSpotter Technology: Beyond Wireless briefing
    9 May 2018

    The Committee was briefed on the ShotSpotter device which was designed to locate accurately instances in which gunfire occurred by using acoustics and mathematical algorithms. It could detect around 90% of instances of gunfire in public. More than just a tool for the detection of gunfire, ShotSpotter could assist law ...

  • Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport (WCPP) Availability of illegal firearms in Western Cape: SAPS Provincial Commissioner briefing; Department of Community Safety on Quarter 1, 2 & 3 performance
    18 Apr 2018

    SAPS briefed the Committee on the availability, impact and measures taken against illegal firearms by the Provincial SAPS.

    SAPS reported that firearms in general are used in the commission of serious and violent crimes. In 2017/18, 1204 murders were committed with a firearm, 2646 attempted murders and 10 885 aggravated robberies. ...

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Public Service Commission Amendment Bill: DPSA briefing
    18 Apr 2018

    Public Service Commission Act
    B21-2015 - Public Service Commission Amendment Bill

    The Department of Public Services and Administration briefed the Committee on the proposed amendments to the Public Service Commission Act. The first amendment sought to allow for a renewal of the term of the Commissioner on recommendation from the ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) (WCPP) Emerging risks in Quarter 1 & 2 of 2017/18; Internal Control challenges in Economic Audit Committee Cluster
    18 Apr 2018

    The Committee was briefed on the risks facing the departments in the economic cluster, which included the Departments of Economic Development and Tourism, Agriculture and Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. The risks identified were classified under strategic and programme risks. Emerging and continuing transversal risks for the departments included the ...

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Western Cape Commissioner for Children appointment process
    17 Apr 2018

    The Department of the Premier (DOTP) said 561 individual comments were received. There were comments from Chapter 9 institutions like the Human Rights Commission, individuals and the private sector. Many related to the functions and duties of the Commissioner. The appointment of the Commissioner and the office depends on the ...

  • Community Development (WCPP) Western Cape Health Facility Boards and Committees Act: regulations & implementation progress
    17 Apr 2018

    The Department of Health introduced the Western Cape Health Facility Boards and Committee Act (Act No 3 of 2016). The meeting was mainly about the purpose of the Act, the regulations and its implementation. The purpose of the Act was to create board representation within the clinics in order to ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) (WCPP) Business Plan 2018: Committee briefing; Resolutions/Actions
    12 Apr 2018

    Report of the meeting to follow.

  • Budget (WCPP) Committee Report on the Negotiating Mandate on the Division of Revenue Bill
    20 Mar 2018

    The Committee met briefly to consider its negotiating mandate report on the Division of Revenue Bill.

    The DA's position -which was supported by the majority – was against supporting the Bill. The party highlighted that the cuts in the allocation – amounting to R1,5 billion over the Medium Term Expenditure ...

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Western Cape Appropriation Bill 2018
    15 Mar 2018

    The Committee considered the draft Committee report on Vote 1: Premier, in the Schedule to the Western Cape Appropriation Bill 2018.

    The main concern raised was the delay in the appointment of a Children’s Commissioner, and the fact that no funds had been allocated or ring-fenced in anticipation of the ...

  • Community Development (WCPP) Health Vote: Western Cape Appropriation Bill 2018; with MEC for Health
    14 Mar 2018

    The Standing Committee on Community Development considered the Vote 6: Health in the Schedule to the Western Cape Appropriation Bill, 2018.

    The Minister of Health said that the medium term expenditure framework (MTEF) allocation for 2018/19 was R23.1 billion, growing to R24 billion and R25.4 billion in the following two years. ...