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Bongiwe Nomusa Sithole

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Committee appearances

  • Minister on Madagascar: briefing 18 Jun 2003

    Mr. Sithole (ANC) commented that it was important that the committee interact with other MPs and civil society from other countries. The Minister said that it was important that the committee interact with other MPs so that they had an idea of the different contexts, but that their work was ...
  • Municipal Infrastructure Investment Unit and National House of Traditional Leaders: budget 26 Apr 2002

    Mr Sithole (ANC) commended the MIIU for the progress that they had made since their previous presentation. He was concerned about the role of MIIU in reaching and developing small rural municipalities.
  • Municipal Structures Second Amendment Bill: closing 17 Nov 2000

    Mr Sithole (ANC) commented that members must not make accusations of irresponsibility. All are committed to a process and all must accept the victories and the failures together.
  • Municipal Systems Bill: Chapters 6 28 Jun 2000

    There was confusion surrounding the use of the term "representative union" in 62(4). It was thought that "recognized union" would be more appropriate. Mr Sithole (ANC) stated that recognized union was used in Section 11 of the Labour Relations Act. The department was asked to clarify which term was ...
  • Unemployment Insurance Contributions Draft Bill: briefing 23 May 2000

    Mr Sithole (ANC) asked which levels of benefits would be taxed?

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