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Bongani Michael Mkongi


  • Local Procurement: Transnet, PRASA, DPE, DOT, Guestro, Unique & Smith Capital 24 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) remarked that if there was such a development, why was such development not featured in the introduction to the brief/presentation? The Group could have communicated those developments to the Committee. He sought clarity on how many people had been retrenched and on what aspects improvements had ...
  • Illicit Financial Flows: public hearings 15 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) expressed his frustration over the fact that Parliament had raised the issue of collaboration between government agencies almost two or three years ago and nothing has happened.
  • Illicit Financial Flows: public hearings 15 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) remarked that he did not like entertaining rumours and asked SAPS if it had received any complaints about cash in transit from SA to Dubai, if SAPS had names of people who were taking money from SA to Dubai because such rumours were dangerous for SA. ...
  • Transformation of Financial Sector 14 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) asked Cosatu and SACP about the areas Parliament should concentrate on regarding legislation that regulates transformation in SA.
  • Transformation of Financial Sector 14 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) agreed with Treasury that the fundamental national goal for transformation of the economy of SA was to move it from being concentrated in the hands of the white minority to the general hands of the black people in SA because through history the structure of the ...
  • B-BBEE Commission; Committee Oversight report 8 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) welcomed the presentation but observed that the statement that the Financial Services Sector was successful was not a true picture because of the recent developments of corruption in financial services. DTI stated that the Sector Codes were exploited to undermine the Generic Codes. Consequently, the Financial ...
  • National Minimum Wage: Committee Report on National Minimum Wage 8 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) noted that the various reports presented to the Committee had a direct impact on several statutes that dealt with labour issues. His suggestion was that the Committee create a document that synthesized all information that had a direct focus on minimum wage and recommendations be drawn ...
  • Status Report on recall of Ford Kuga - DTI, NRCS, NCC and Ford SA briefing 7 Mar 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) remarked that the first line of argument had to be the protection of the lives of ordinary South Africans. Not a single person who was at fault had been pointed out. It ought not to be necessary to wait for death to occur before people opened ...
  • Department of Labour, Compensation Fund, UIF & Supported Employment Enterprises on thier Quarter 1 & 2 performance 22 Feb 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) asked if the CF has any document which speaks to the reasons for injuries. He said that he was especially interested in the reasons for high injury in the food and retail industry.
  • Performers' Protection Bill: briefing; Advisory Centre on WTO Law Agreement: ratification 21 Feb 2017

    Mr B Mkongi (ANC) welcomed the briefing, noting that attending to the matter at hand was long overdue. Vulnerability of actors and musicians should have been discussed since 1994. There were still complaints about lack of coordination between departments. People had to be given what they deserved. He liked the ...