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Alan Ross Mcloughlin


  • 2019-w222 - 01 March 2019 1 Mar 2019

    (1)(a) What is the total current value of South Africa’s gold reserves, (b) where are the reserves currently stored, (c) what is the annual total cost of transporting the reserves to respective places of storage and storage and (d) what procurement process was followed in identifying service providers ...
  • 2018-w3164 - 18 December 2018 18 Dec 2018

    (1)In view of China’s recent moves to reintroduce a gold standard for the Chinese Yuan, are the BRICS countries, such as South Africa, being encouraged to do likewise; if so, what is South Africa’s position on such a move; (2) what benefit has South Africa derived from ...
  • 2018-w3058 - 18 December 2018 18 Dec 2018

    (1)With reference to the Auditor-General’s latest Annual Report, how does the National Treasury intend to cover the budgetary shortfall that will be created by the proposed writing off of R58 million in unpaid audit fees; (2) does the National Treasury intend to obtain a refund of the sum ...
  • 2018-w2827 - 26 November 2018 26 Nov 2018

    (1)What are the details, with reference to the reply of the Minister of Public Enterprises to question 2403 on 27 September 2018, of the (a) number of times SA Airways (SAA) provided aircraft for the use of the President of the Republic, Mr M C Ramaphosa, since 15 February ...
  • 2018-w3057 - 20 November 2018 20 Nov 2018

    Whether his department has any plans to repair and maintain the broken and ineffective water treatment equipment that serves the Boiketlong community in the Emfuleni District Municipality; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) by what date will the (i) equipment be fully ...
  • 2018-w2405 - 23 October 2018 23 Oct 2018

    With reference to the reply to question 1412 on 25 June 2018 (Annexure “A”), what are the details of the figures and calculations that resulted in the determination that it would cost R60 billion to shut down SA Airways?
  • 2018-w2223 - 09 October 2018 9 Oct 2018

    Whether he will furnish Mr A R McLoughlin with copies of all written agreements entered into by and between the Public Investment Corporation and Eskom in respect of any loans extended to Eskom from 1 January 2000, including all annexures and schedules to such agreements?
  • 2018-w2505 - 21 September 2018 21 Sep 2018

    What amount did each of the specified entities (details furnished) reporting to the National Treasury receive in income generated from the rental of land and/or properties they own (a) in each of the past five financial years and (b) since 1 April 2018?
  • 2018-w2221 - 13 September 2018 13 Sep 2018

    (1)What are the (a) full details and (b) detailed breakdown of all expenses incurred by the Emfuleni Local Municipality in hosting the recent State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) in the Vereeniging Banquet Hall on 26 June 2018; and (2) what are the reasons for allowing such expenditure in ...
  • 2018-w2222 - 13 September 2018 13 Sep 2018

    Whether he will furnish Mr A R McLoughlin with (a) a full breakdown of all expenditure incurred by the Emfuleni Local Municipality in the upgrading of the KwaMazisa hostel complex from 1 January 2010, (b) copies of all contracts entered into between the municipality and the various contractors who have ...