The Week Ahead: Third Term resumes

1 Aug 2022 (1 week, 1 day ago)

NCOP delegates return to Parliament this week for the third term. NA legislators will carry out constituency work for another two weeks and return on 16 August.

This session will be relatively short and packed with activities. Some of the highlights include Committee and oversight work; oral questions to the Executive; important debates; a sectoral Parliament, ministerial briefing sessions and filling vacancies in several government bodies.

Furthermore, Parliament will be under increasing pressure to implement the Zondo Commission recommendations. The Commission found that Parliament "failed to use the oversight and accountability measures at its disposal" and that urgent reforms are needed. The overall evidence throughout all the Commission’s reports paints a negative picture of the national legislature and illustrates what happens when there is poor oversight.

On the legislative front, MPs will be doing some heavy lifting as there are more than 50 bills before Parliament The bills cover an array of issues, including health insurance, electoral reform, copyright, education, climate change, railway safety, animal protection and more.

That said, the timetable is fluid and can be overtaken by unscheduled debates, statements and events.

The Virtual and hybrid Parliament will continue for another term.

The NCOP has scheduled 2 sittings this week. Both days are dedicated to Oral Questions with Ministers in the Governance Cluster.

Question Time is an opportunity for MPs to question government ministers about matters for which they are responsible.

View Wednesday Questions View Thursday Questions

Below is what to expect in the Committee Corridor.


Committee for Section 194 Enquiry, (National Assembly), [Hearings – identified witnesses to appear before the Committee], Committee Room M46, Ground Floor, Marks Building, 10:00-17:00 (Hybrid Meeting)


Committee for Section 194 Enquiry, (National Assembly), [Hearings – identified witnesses to appear before the Committee], Committee Room M46, Ground Floor, Marks Building, 10:00-17:00 (Hybrid Meeting)

Select Committee on Trade and Industry, Economic Development, Small Business Development, Tourism, Employment and Labour, (National Council of Provinces), [Presentation by Trade Law Centre (Tralac) to share insights in relation to the work of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The presentation is expected to take the audience from brief theory into practice in terms of trade policy and law within the context of the WTO and its implication to the African Continent. Further, the presentation would also cover current policy developments, and the future of the WTO. In addition, the briefing is expected to cover how Parliament through its committees could effectively play its oversight role in relation to trade and investment related issues over the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition.], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-13:00

Select Committee on Finance, (National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by National Treasury on the Financial Sector and Deposit Insurance Levies (Administration) and Deposit Insurance Premiums Bill [B 4B-2022] (National Assembly – sec 75) and Financial Sector and Deposit Insurance Levies Bill [B3B-2022] (National Assembly – sec 77)], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-13:00

Select Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Water and Sanitation and Human Settlements, (National Council of Provinces), [Consideration and Adoption of the Committee Reports], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00


Select Committee on Appropriations, (National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by Financial and Fiscal Commission on Submission on the Division of Revenue Bill for 2023/24, tabled in terms of section 9(1) of the Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act, 1997 (Act No 97 of 1997)], Virtual Meeting Platform, 09:00-12:00

Committee for Section 194 Enquiry, (National Assembly), [Hearings – identified witnesses to appear before the Committee], Committee Room M46, Ground Floor, Marks Building, 10:00-17:00 (Hybrid Meeting)

Select Committee on Education and Technology, Sport, Arts and Culture, (National Council of Provinces), [Consideration and adoption of draft minutes and report; Briefing by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) on the following: The Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme; Promotion of indigenous African languages, including Khoi- San, Nama, etc.; Promotion of Music and other Art forms in schools; Functionality of community libraries; Installation of South African Flags in schools], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-12:30

Select Committee on Transport, Public Service and Administration, Public Works and Infrastructure, (National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) on its mandate and functions], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-13:00

Select Committee on Public Enterprises and Communication (National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by Transnet on measures to expand capacity to meet market demands for freight and ports. The presentation should also include an update on internal investigations and those by SIU on alleged misconduct by Transnet employees; Consideration and Adoption of Minutes], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-13:30

Committees provide a platform for the public to present views directly to MPs. Share your thoughts, on-the-ground experience and expert information to the relevant committees. Critically, what questions should MPs pose to the Executive as they conduct their oversight work? Write to a Parliamentary Committee

View the schedule page here. View the Provincial Legislature's schedule here.

*This summary is based on the schedule as it is published on Monday morning. The programme is subject to frequent updating so the link above needs to be checked daily to confirm the programme for the day.

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During the constituency period, MPs have a duty to: be available to the public, help solve problems and report back to their constituents on what is happening in Parliament. The NA constituency programme runs from 13 June 2022 to 15 August 2022.


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