Mr Makashule Gana - DA

Oct. 30, 2014 (6 years, 1 month ago)


Makashule Gana holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science) from the University of Limpopo and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Wits Business School. He has been a member of the DA since 2002 and has served in several capacities, including that of DA Youth National Leader. Currently, he serves as the Shadow Minister of Human Settlements.

Political background: Growing up in the Village of Lefara in Tzaneen, my political interest started in the early 1990's, it was at the time when there were unrests in many homelands. I was raised in a family where my uncle was an ANC activist, so I learned a lot from him about the ANC. My first real political activism started in 2000 when I enrolled to study at the then University of the North Turfloop campus. I joined the South African Student Congress (SASCO) two weeks after arriving at the University. In the same year I joined the ANCYL in Tzaneen.

I remained a member of SASCO and ANCYL until early 2002. It was in 2002 when I started losing interest in the ANC and started to look around for another political home. The DA attracted me most because of its focus on the individual and its commitment to liberal philosophy.

During my time in the DA I have served in every structure from branch to national. I was then elected as a councillor in Johannesburg between 2009 and 2014. Additionally I was elected DA Youth leader in 2010 and DA National Deputy Chairperson in 2012.

What are you looking forward to as an MP in the fifth Parliament? During this Fifth Parliament, I am looking forward to the responsibility of representing the aspirations of all the people of this beautiful country of ours.

What does your job as an MP involve? In this Fifth Parliament I will be the DA Shadow Minister for Human Settlements. This entails representing the DA in the Human Settlements Portfolio Committee and advancing alternative solutions in the committee. I will also be holding the government and this specific department accountable.

What are you looking forward to when engaging in constituency work? The important thing in my constituency work is to bring Parliament closer to the people in my constituency as well as to help them understand the powers they have. I consider it an honour to be a proactive constituency leader that is responsive to the needs of the community.

I am passionate about development, especially the political development of young South Africans. I run a political school in Gauteng that meets every second week. I also enjoy reading. Most importantly I am Orlando Pirates personified.

My message would be that everything done for this country should be done with integrity and honesty. By doing so we would have a successful country. Striving for integrity and honesty should always be kept at the back of our minds so that South Africa can be successful.

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