Infographic: Voting in the 2016 Municipal Elections

With just a few days to go before the 2016 Local Government Elections, The IEC’s publication: A Guide to the 2016 Municipal Elections (can be downloaded from gives a clear step-by step breakdown on what voters can expect when they report to their voting stations. They also remind voters that:

  • You need to be registered to vote, i.e. your name must be on the voters’ roll
  • You may only vote at the voting station where you registered
  • You need your valid ID document, i.e. an original green bar-coded SA ID book, a smartcard ID or a Temporary Identity Certificate
  • You do not need to bring proof of address
  • You can share that you have voted with family and friends on social media (#ivoted), but you cannot take photos of marked ballots

To check your registration information, click here



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