Infographic: Are we ready for the 2016 Municipal Elections?

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) met with the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs to present the Commission’s readiness for the upcoming 2016 Municipal Elections on Tuesday, 17 May 2016. The briefing covered the final wards delivered by the Municipal Demarcation Board, the number of voting districts, the voters roll and new voter registrations. Two registration weekends (5-6 March and 9-10 April 2016) were concluded and the Voters Roll is currently at 26.3 million, a growth of 44.6% since 1999.

A breakdown of the information show the following:

  • About 46% of registered voters have no or only partially recorded addresses

  • Women make up 53% of all new voter registrations

  • 80% of people who registered for the first time are 29 years or younger

  • KZN (27%) and Gauteng (22%) recorded the most new voter registrations

MPs raised concerns about the protests in Vuwani and the impact it might have on the upcoming elections. They also asked if the elections will be able take place if the Constitutional Court ruled against the IEC. The IEC lodged an urgent appeal to set aside the Electoral Court decision compelling the Commission to furnish political parties with addresses of all registered voters on the voters roll. The IEC has stated that ‘if the Electoral Court ruling stands, at least 12 million voters would have to be removed from the voters roll because of lack of formal addresses”.

Click here for full meeting report and see infographic below for more on the upcoming 2016 Municipal Elections:



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