Civic Education Forum: Understanding the BELA Bill

13 Jun 2022 (3 weeks, 1 day ago)

On Thursday the 9th of June, People's Assembly hosted a Civic Education Forum aimed to providing the public with adequate information to help them understand and make comments on the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill. This discussion was facilitated by Drew Haller (PA Communication Officer)and the panelists included Anjuli Maistry (Senior Attorney from Equal Education Law Centre), Ebrahiem Daniels (2nd Year Candidate Attorney from Equal Education Law Centre) and Zeenat Sujee (Attorney at Section27).

The BELA Bill will be closing its submissions of the 15th of June, and all South African citizens are encouraged to make individual submissions, joint submissions, or endorse the submissions of other organisations.

To help you in this process, we have provided a number of resources for you, which can be found below.

People's Assembly - Civic Education Forum Recording:

Passcode: EL6@kU0V

Step-by-Step guide to Writing a Submission

Bill Processing, Parliamentary Engagement and Submissions

Equal Education Law Centre: BELA Bill Explainer Handbook

Equal Education Law Centre Presentation on the BELA Bill

Section27 Presentation on the BELA Bill

Equality Collective's BELA Bill Submission Template


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